Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Top 5 Quick and Easy Meals

Save your jokes. It's pretty clear that I love food. I love to cook, I love to eat, and I even enjoying reading about food. Often times, when Kristen and I get home from work, especially if we've gone to the gym, we're too tired to cook a full meal. But I'm a simple guy when it comes to food (for the most part), and I enjoy the quick and easy. With that I present to you (without pictures this time)....

Top 5 Quick and Easy Meals

1. Macaroni and Cheese

I'm talking about the stuff from boxes. Favorite brands are Kroger Shells and Cheddar and Target Spirals. The Kroger Shells need no jazzing, but it's fair to say that the mac and cheese with the powdered cheese could use a little kick. I often cut up some real cheese into tiny pieces and mix it in to thicken up the sauce. I also like to add Siracha, for some spice. That's my favorite way to go. I'll also often add crackers or chips for a little crunch.

2. Nachos

I have to again give credit to my buddy Dan. For the longest time, when I made nachos, it was a disaster that I would suffer through. The enemy in this battle was the microwave. I never dreamed that I could put some foil down on cookie sheet, spread out some chips, top them in cheese and some salsa or siracha, and bake them. The result: gooey cheese and crispy chips rather than crispy cheese and soggy chips that result from the microwave.

3. Sausage Biscuits

You may remember my love of McDonald's Sausage Biscuits. The only rival is to make them at home. Spicy sausage, hot biscuits, grape jelly, and some butter. A nice cold glass of milk, and I'm in heaven. This leads me to my other choice.

4. Pancakes

Also quick and easy. Pancake mix, some cinnamon, vanilla, and some chocolate chips and we're off and running. Nothing better on a freezing cold night than a steaming hot stack of hotcakes.

5. Grilled Cheese and Soup

I'm eating this right now. Hence the inspiration for this post. The soup I like is not the most well know. It's cheddar cheese soup. It's not some weird thing, it's made by Campbells. It's just a condensed cheese sauce that you whisk with some milk and eat. It's yummy.

If you haven't noticed a running theme, I really like cheese. What's your favorite quick and easy dinner?


  1. Trader Joe's veggie fried rice!

  2. this is hilarious because I just bought Campbell's cheddar cheese soup the other day and added steamed veggies to it...before then, I had never heard of it!

  3. Pepitos (so named for the brand of shell we used to buy when we lived in Pittsburgh)

    tortilla shell
    beans (black/red/whatever, drained and rinsed)
    shredded cheese
    (fresh red pepper always a plus)