Saturday, June 4, 2011

Top 5 Non Athletic Things I Love About Baseball

Kristen surprised me with tickets to the Tigers v. White Sox game last night. We always try to catch the Tigers whenever they are in town, just to get a little taste of being home.

I've loved baseball for awhile now. It's the only sport I really have any interest in and my interest goes as far as if I can score cheap tickets, I'll go to a game and if there's nothing on tv, I'll watch a game if one of the two teams I like are playing. I play in a fantasy league that I haven't looked at in 3 weeks, ensuring I'm in last place. Let me confirm that...nope, I was wrong. 6th place out of 10!

Anyhow, I was thinking about the things I love about baseball and it turns out that a lot of them nothing to do with the actual sport. So I present to you....

Top 5 Non Athletic Things I Love About Baseball

1. Keeping Score

Growing up, I was diagnosed with a pretty cut and dry case of ADD. I've always had trouble sitting and doing just one thing. It's rare for me to sit and watch TV without playing poker or City of Heroes on my laptop at the same time. I realized at about 22 that buying a scorecard and trying to keep a really accurate score was a great way for me to "keep my head in the game" so to speak and I've done it ever since.

2. The Food

I love me some nachos. If I'm at a restaurant, I want some meat and real shredded cheese on those bad boys, but at the ballpark, I scoff at anything more than that fake cheese that comes from a bag, molten hot with just a hint of peppers. What could be better with an ice cold beer and some organ music?

3. Bloopers

When I was a kid, I had like 7 VHS tapes of Baseball's funniest bloopers. My favorite part was always when Mel Allen would narrate and say "How about that?!"

4. Baseball Movies

Major League 1+2, Rookie of the Year, Field of Dreams, 8 Men Out, the list just goes on and on.

5. The wind

This is a bit romanticized, but I love the feeling of the breeze, blowing the smell of grass and popcorn into my nostrils while cooling me off in the bleachers. It just feels like baseball to me.


  1. My favorite post so far! Great job!!

  2. i love the one about keeping score. i htought for sure it was going to say that you learned forma young age that it was a necessary compnent to the game. grandad was the only person i ever saw keep track on a score card at a baseball game. it's awesome you do it too!