Thursday, June 2, 2011

Top 5 Movies Set in Chicago

Well, it only took two days for me to fall behind and miss a post. I had no idea what to write about and got home from a play (Performing Tonight: Liza Minelli's Daughter at the Neofuturists. Written and performed by the amazing Mary Fons. You got two more chances before it closes, go see it!) So, tonight (actually, this morning. That's right, it's June 3rd at 7:28 and I'm just pre-dating this for my own ego), I go to the rainy day list.

This blog has seen a pretty great response so far from friends and I always ask them to suggest some lists. This one was suggested by my friend Dan Meisinger. He's one of the funniest and most talented people I know. You can follow him on Twitter (@myzinger)

So here goes....

Top 5 Movies Set In Chicago

1. High Fidelity

You're not reading this blog without this movie, plain and simple.

2. The Untouchables

This is the greatest mafia movie since the Godfather. The first thing Kristen and I did, the first time we came to Chicago on our own, was go to Union Station and look at the stairs where the big final shootout happened in the Grand Hall. Sharp eyed Chicago improviors will notice their savior, Del Close, as "The Alderman" in the above trailer. He has the "titular line".

3. The Dark Knight

Sorry, there's no clips available for this one (they are all blocked from embedding.) Anyhow, if you haven't seen it, your head's in your ass.

Now, before you go nuts and say "THAT MOVIE'S NOT SET IN CHICAGO! I'LL NEVER READ THIS BLOG AGAIN!!!!", I know. But it was shot here and DC Comics authorities have always stated that Metropolis is modeled after New York City and Gotham City is modeled after Chicago.

4. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

It's a classic. Without this flick, there's no Saved By The Bell and where would be without that. Plus, Alan Ruck is a genius!

5. Uncle Buck

This scene is one of the best pieces of cinematic comedy that has ever existed. Lord what a film.

Looking at Wikipedia, I'm reminded of other movies that were set here in the Windy City. There may have to be a second list at some point.

Let's here your favorites and as always, suggest some lists. You never know, you might one day save this blog.


  1. I was actually going to comment on how you're doing a good job keeping up with it. a post every day might be too high of a standard for anyone...maybe set the bar to twice a week and DONT falter

  2. I arrived here by Googling "Del Close" "titular line". Keep being awesome.