Thursday, June 9, 2011

Top 5 Aaron Sorkin Characters

I've been working on this post for a few days now. It's not exactly mind blowing or anything, I just keep getting distracted. I'm still pushing to write once a day, but I think I'm going to not put so much pressure on myself.

I love Aaron Sorkin. I love everything he's ever written (granted, I've never seen Malice or the American President). The other night, Kristen and I began watching Season 4 of the West Wing. After two episodes, she went to asleep and I watched an episode of Sports Night before falling asleep. I have two episodes of Sports Night left which I'm watching right now while I eat breakfast. When I'm done with these I'll start watching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip for the second time. If you don't get the drift, I love the quick wit and the quirky fast talking characters of Aaron Sorkin. In honor of that love, I'm taking on a difficult task. Therefore, I present to you my....

Top 5 Aaron Sorkin Characters

1. Jeremy Gordon

He's neurotic, his head is filled with useless stats, he's compassionate, he's brilliant, and he's funny. I love Jeremy so much. The actor, Josh Malina, has appeared in every Aaron Sorkin project except Charlie Wilson's War, Studio 60, and The Social Network. There's a lot of crossover in the Aaron Sorkin world.

2. Sam Seaborn

I love Sam for a lot of the same reasons I love Jeremy. The thing I love about Sam that isn't as prevalent in Jeremy is his sense of right and wrong. Jeremy has a really great heart and all, but Sam fights and fights really hard for the things he feels strongly about. He fights to the point of obsession over trying to make the penny no longer legal tender. How can you not love that?

3. C.J. Cregg

C.J. is a perfect representation of the way Sorkin writes women. They are rarely, if ever, not in positions of power. Even the women who play secretaries or assistants are ball busters and I love it. C.J. is the White House Press Secretary and I love the way she switches from smart and witty to tough as nails to soft and sensitive all within one scene. Plus, I love Allison Janney. She's never let me down in a performance yet. Even in the smallest of roles, she dominates while on screen.

4. Natalie Hurley

Natalie was one of the first television character crushes that I developed in the years after hitting puberty. I loved her wit, her charm, and just the fact that she was a strong women, while still maintaining a vulnerability that made her human. Plus, I loved the way she always had a sucker while running the nightly broadcasts of Sports Night. It was one of those things I tried to make a trademark of mine for a while. I would buy suckers in mass quantities and try to never be seen without one. I think it lasted about 12 hours.

5. Judge Robert Bebe

There's a two part episode, widely regarded as the best in Studio 60's short run, in which John Goodman plays a small town judge named Robert Bebe. It's a brilliant performance by a brilliant actor. John Goodman can make anything good, even Roseanne and I love him.

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