Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Top 5 Fast Food Items

It's a rare treat when Kristen and I are able to have lunch together. Generally, we try to stick to a pretty tight budget (she generally succeeds, I generally fail), so we're primarily brown baggers. Once in a while we'll meet up though and yesterday was one of those days. We decided to go elegant and went to McDonald's.

I love McDonald's. There's no better breakfast. I figured I would present to you my....


1. McDonald's Sausage Biscuit

These bad boys are without rival. They are buttery, soft, flaky, and the sausage is spicy and perfectly greasy. They are a major calorie bomb so I have to avoid them most times, but when I get the hankering, it just can't be ignored.

2. Taco Bell Nachos Belgrande

You're reading this blog, so chances are you know me. You know I don't like those red and green things on top of this thing. But man, take those bad boys off, get rid of the beans and put some extra cheese on there and I am in heaven. Growing up in East Detroit, there was 4 Taco Bells within a mile radius of my house. In Chicago, I don't have a convenient Taco Bell anywhere. I have to make a special trip and boy is it special.

3. El Charro Cheese Crisp

People who grew up with me have been to El Charro. Many would not call it a fast food place since you can sit down and have someone bring your food to you and you get chips and salsa. But you order at a counter and there's a drive thru, so that's a fast food place to me. The Cheese Crisp is splendid. A fried flour tortillia, covered with a cheese that is sort of cheddar but not quite. It's amazing.

4. Quizno's Steak and Cheese

I'm a grown ass man. I deserve a hot sandwich and for that reason, I won't eat at Jimmy Johns. Subway is sub-par at best. Therefore, when you want a sandwhich and you don't have your local deli as an option, you gotta spend the extra cash and go for Quiznos. You won't be sorry.

5. McDonald's Chicken McNuggets

McDonald's gets two. The chicken McNugget, with it's fake chicken, is splendid. Just splendid. Now they've released new sauces including a spicy buffalo. It was delicious. I heard a quote yesterday on a podcast that really hits home. "McDonald's just tastes like childhood." Truer words were never spoken.

I know I know, I missed a few days. Sorry. I just forgot. I'll get back on track. Anyway, what's your favorite fast food.


  1. anyone who knows me knows that the closest i get to fast food is Panera Bread, i haven't been to a mc donalds in 15m years probably, and my favorite fast food is actually the Autogrill in France....

    so, i'm total fast food snob no matter how you slice it. however, i LOVE how you wrote about this with the same passion that i could write why i DON"T like fast food and what i really loved is that your #1 really got me.

    if i were ever going to have fast food again, it'd be a egg McMuffin from McDonald's. now i am just afraid it wouldn't taste as good as i remember, and just that keeps me from going back to have one.

    now, this comment is way too long. keep up the blogging. i like it.

  2. whenever I get fast food, I always get the same items because like you said, fast food is reserved for SPECIAL times and shouldn't be a regular habit

    1) McDonalds: plain mcdouble, 6 piece mcnugget and a medium fry
    2) Wendys: Spicy chicken fillet and a medium fry
    3) Arbys: Crispy chicken sandwich and homestyle (not curly!) fries

    ahhh, fast food, in all its greasy glory....