Monday, September 26, 2011

5 Things I'm Excited to Share With My Kids

Friday night, Kristen and I went to see They Might Be Giants. In addition to the massive library of albums they've put out for general consumption, they've also put out 3 children's albums. They're grown up shows are not geared towards children, but they also do a lot of gigs that are all ages where they play the children's material and some more kid friendly stuff from their regular albums (Dr. Worm, Particle Man, etc.) I saw a few people who had brought little kids to the show, which is fine but I didn't think the venue was a great place for kids and the f-bomb was dropped a few times. Anyhow, I got to thinking about when I become a father.

 I'm not in any hurry to have kids, but a family is something I've always wanted to have. I think I'm really excited to be a dad and I think being a nerd has a lot to do with that. Most nerds are essentially big kids. We love video games, superheroes, cartoons, etc and I think this makes nerds really great parents. Patton Oswalt said that if you want to have a cool kid, you need to keep them away from everything you like. If I play my kids The Smiths and tell them how amazing The Blues Brothers is their rebellious attitude will kick in and they'll hate everything good. However, there are things I can't wait to introduce to my children. And with that, I present to you...

5 Things I'm Excited to Share With My Kids

1. They Might Be Giants

I think my kid's will really enjoy this song. Not as much as me I'm sure, but still.

2. The Muppets

Ever since I've been a little kid, I've loved the Muppets. They are timeless (puppets never age) and, like They Might Be Giants, just as entertain for children as they are for adults. I can't wait to sit my kids down and watch Muppet Show DVD's for hours on end. I've always loved this sketch (and I don't think I've posted it in any of my other blogs which mention the Muppets thus far.)

3. Airplane! and Airplane 2

I have such great memories of sitting around as a family watching classic comedies at my dad's suggestion. Granted, I'll wait until my kids are around 10 before we watch this movie, but I think the vulgarities are relatively tame by today's standards. I'm also of the belief that if you don't teach kids that curse words are bad, they will be less likely to use them. And now, in keeping with the style of this post, a video from Airplane 2.

4. Star Wars

My parents weren't nerds, no matter how many times I may have called them that in my moody preteen years. As far as I know (I never really asked) they never even saw Star Wars. However, all of my friends in high school were nerds, so I still got my exposure and I fell in love. My kids won't have the same experience. My kids are going to learn about a father's love for his children and the fact that it knows no boundry when they watch Darth Vader pitch the Emperor down the...uhm....what would you call it? Let's go with "space well", rather than watch his son, who has become his enemy, suffer. I can't decide if I'll ever tell them that the Prequels exist. They are already going to be my kids, they'll have enough disappointment to deal with as it is.

5. Batman

Do I really need a reason for this? Batman is awesome. End of story.


  1. I'm surprised Harry Potter didn't make the top 5!! HP is going to be to our kids the way Star Wars was to us, since Star Wars came out in our parents' generation!

  2. Yeah, that's a good one as is the Hunger Games. However, I think that even in 10 years, those will still be popular enough to find their way to my kids without my help. However, I don't think Airplane! will be on their radar.

  3. No, it won't be...that's true!

    and when I watched "Tiny Toons" and the song 'partical man' came on, I thought it was just a dude who did kids songs...not like, a BAND band